🧑‍🔬 How To Create Irresistible FOMO

The smartest marketers use this strategy

I have a crazy growth story for you this week:

Bloom Nutrition started in 2019 and in 2022 were on pace to make ~$55M!

(I told you it’s a good one)

So how’d they do it?

By building a raving fanbase and creating an irresistible fear of missing out (aka FOMO).

They do it with The Bandwagon Effect.

Here’s what I mean:

🧪 The Bandwagon Effect

The Bandwagon Effect refers to the tendency of people to adopt a certain behaviour, style, or attitude simply because others are doing it.

We don’t necessarily rely on evidence that the behaviour is beneficial; but we are driven by the desire to conform or be part of the majority.

How this differs from Social Proof:

Social Proof is based on the principle that people look to others to determine what is normal, correct, or desirable in a situation. The Bandwagon Effect is more about conforming to what is popular; whereas Social Proof is about taking the correct action. Social Proof leverages credibility and The Bandwagon Effect leverages the fear of missing out (FOMO).

🤳 How Bloom Uses The Bandwagon Effect

Bloom’s paid social acquisition strategy could be simplified into two steps:

1) Use TikTok influencers to gain mass appeal and brand awareness

2) Leverage that mass appeal in advertising to show the popularity of the product

Like this:

Notice how all of these ads highlight how popular Bloom is?

That wouldn’t be possible without first developing a comprehensive influencer program. In fact, their Fractional CMO has said they scaled their influencer program from 30 to 450 creators per month!

Note: Bloom has raised $90 million. Working with 450 creators per month is very expensive but that doesn’t mean you can’t do that on a much smaller scale.

🧠 How You Can Use The Bandwagon Effect

The key to the Bandwagon Effect is highlighting how many people have used your product and creating a sense of FOMO by not using the product.

Make it seem like your product is the “cool thing” and by not buying it, you’re missing out on all these great benefits that so many people are seeing.

You can do so by:

  • Collaborating with influencers in your niche

  • Sharing customer testimonials, reviews, and positive comments

  • Showcasing stats - number of 5-star reviews, number of users, etc.

  • On Meta, run engagement ads and then use the same ads (using Post IDs), once they have a lot of engagement on them, to drive conversions (reply to this email if you have questions on how to do this)

Here are some hooks using the Bandwagon Effect:

  • “Here’s why [large number] of [customer avatar] have used [product] to [achieve desirable outcome]”

    • E.g., “Here’s why 100,000 women have use Bloom to cure their gut health:”

  • “Ready to join the [large number] of [customer avatar] [achieving desirable outcome]?”

    • E.g., “Ready to join the 100,000 women using Bloom to cure their gut health?”

  • “I wanted to try the [product category] I’ve seen [customer avatar slang] using all over [place where customer avatar hangs out] to [achieve desirable outcome]”

    • E.g., “I wanted to try the greens I’ve seen fitness girlies using all over my TikTok feed to fix their gut health”

    • Note: This is great for a UGC video and the “[place where customer avatar hangs out]” should change based on your specific customer (for example, a B2B product may use LinkedIn instead of TikTok, a product aimed at parents may use “all the parents at daycare”, etc.)

And if you don’t have that many customers yet, there are still a number of different tactics you can use to leverage the Bandwagon Effect and create a sense of FOMO:

  1. Run Video View ads on some of your organic social media posts to drive up views. Then use the number of views in your ad. For example, Bloom could say: “Meet The Greens Powder That Went Viral” or “See Why This Greens Powder Got 7,000,000 Views!”

  2. Use generalizations. For example, “Meet The Greens That All The #GymTok Girlies Are Raving About”

  3. Make one positive review feel bigger through contrast. For example, on an ad showing a testimonial (let’s say the testimonial is by someone named Jade), you could add the headline: “Jade cured her gut issues with Bloom. Will you?”

Remember: the goal is to create this nagging feeling of missing out if they don’t buy your product.

So, how will you use the Bandwagon Effect in your ads?

Lemme know how it goes!

Until next time,


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