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Today’s ad:

Brand: Finch

Psychology Concept: Nostalgia Effect

Days Running: 487 Days
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Have you heard of the Nostalgia Effect? 🤔

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🧪 Nostalgia Effect

The Nostalgia Effect is our tendency to reminisce about the past more fondly than the present and therefore, are willing to spend money to get back that feeling.

When we feel nostalgic, we’re willing to spend our money more easily to get back the feeling we desperately desire.

🤳 How Finch Uses The Nostalgia Effect

Self-care app, Finch, uses the Nostalgia Effect to reach their target audience (millennials) by relating their app to a tamagotchi, something many millennials can relate to.

Did you have a tamagotchi growing up?

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🧠 How You Can Use The Nostalgia Effect

The key to the Nostalgia Effect is finding what your customers reminisce about:

When they think about the “good ole days,” what do they think about?

What will bring them back to that feeling of simpler joyful times?

How can you bring them back to that feeling either visually or through storytelling?

Here are some examples (the last one is incredible storytelling):

In this example Magic Spoon is reminiscing on sugary cereals we all loved as kids. And they really double-down on the Nostalgic Effect with their copy on the landing page for this ad.

In this example, The Pod Company, uses Microsoft Paint to give the ad creative a nostalgic feeling. This will catch the attention of Millennials right away.

And in a similar example, Matt & Bow, uses Microsoft Word Art to create a nostalgic feeling in their ad creative:

Finally, as promised, check out this 2013 ad from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for some incredible nostalgia-based storytelling:

Which ad from the above do you like the best?

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So why do these ads get so much attention?

Because of the feelings of nostalgia they create.

And how you evoke those feelings will be different depending on your target customer.

In our hyper-connected, fast-paced world, people yearn to go back to the simpler time in their life – how will you take them there?

Let me know how it goes!

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