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Today’s ad:

Brand: Seed

Psychology Concept: Negativity Bias

Have you heard of the Negativity Bias?

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🧪 Negativity Bias

Negativity Bias is a cognitive bias that explains that we feel negative events more intensely than positive events.

Our brains tend to pay more attention to negative information because it's seen as an anomaly or a signal of potential danger.

🤳 How Seed Uses The Negativity Bias

Instead of “Improve Gut Health in 2 Weeks,” Seed chose to frame it in the negative: “Reduce Constipation in 2 Weeks.”

🧠 How You Can Use The Negativity Bias

The key to the Negativity Bias is to simply try flipping your copy from positive to the negative.

Instead of showing your customers what they’ll gain from your product, show what they’ll lose by not using your product.

Seed’s headline is a fantastic formula for you to replicate:

“Reduce [pain point] in [timeframe]”

If you’re ever feeling stuck with your ad creative, try simply flipping your copy to take advantage of the negativity bias.

It’s a great way to turn one ad into two.

Research has shown that we’re less motivated to complete a task when we have something to gain compared to when completing the task helps us avoid the loss of something.

Remember when we discussed how Elevate uses The Completion Bias to motivate you to watch the ad and complete the task?

Well guess what, Elevate also uses the Negativity Bias in their ads to keep you watching:

Instead of “3 Ways To Expand Your Vocabulary,” they framed it negatively.

So, how will you use the Negativity Bias?

Let me know how it goes!

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