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Today’s ad:

Brand: Bite

Psychology Concept: Noble Edge Effect

Days Running: 424 Days
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Have you heard of the Noble Edge Effect? 🤔

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🧪 The Noble Edge Effect

The Noble Edge Effect is a phenomenon that occurs when companies demonstrate social responsibility that is perceived as genuine by consumers and they are rewarded with increased respect and, in turn, profits.

Essentially, when we think a company does good for the world (ethical, sustainable, responsible, etc.), we respect the company more and are more willing to part with our money to support their business.

🤳 How Bite Uses The Noble Edge Effect

There are a lot of psychology biases being used in the video ad shared above but the way Bite uses The Noble Edge Effect is by showcasing how they’re helping reduce daily plastic, in a non-salesy manner.

They simply state a problem (plastic waste) and a possible solution (using Bite).

They use 5 other cognitive biases in this video. Want a full video breakdown?

Just reply “Breakdown” and I’ll send it your way!

🧠 How You Can Use The Noble Edge Effect

The key to the Noble Edge Effect is to highlight your commitment to the causes you care about.

Not all products will be inherently good for the environment.

But perhaps you plant a tree for every product bought, or donate a portion of sales to a cause, or maybe your product uses all-natural, non-toxic ingredients.

Most importantly, the Noble Edge Effect only works if you’re genuine about your commitment.

Here are some examples:

In this example Goodlife Clothing highlights how their shirts are made from 100% recycled material.

(Love the copywriting here too!)

In the below example, 4Ocean points out that for every item they sell, they remove one pound of trash from the ocean.

It actually makes me really want to buy a bracelet - what a great way to help clean the ocean.

For a final example, I recently bought something at Mountain Equipment Company and noticed the Noble Edge Effect at their checkout:

Including this cognitive bias is a great way to make your customers feel good as they’re making a purchase and will keep them smiling (and coming back for more!).

Remember: the key to the Noble Edge Effect is to be genuine with your commitment to social responsibility.

And if done properly, consumers will actually be happy to pay more for your product.


Because it makes them feel good about themselves.

They feel like they’re getting a product they enjoy while being socially responsible.

So how will you use the Noble Edge Effect?

Lemme know how it goes!

Until next time,


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