🧑‍🔬 How Vessi Makes You Worry Less (And Purchase More)

A proven tactic to reassure customers

In 4 years Vessi has sold over 1,000,000 pairs of shoes.

Their ads are a masterclass in catering to our need for security.

They do it through Risk Aversion.

Here’s what I mean:

🧪 Risk Aversion

Risk Aversion is the tendency of people to prefer guaranteed outcomes over a gamble with uncertain outcomes.

Here’s how Vessi uses it…

🤳 How Vessi Uses Risk Aversion

Imagine this:

You’re going on a trip.

The forecast shows 40% chance of rain for half the trip.

Do you take your preferred walking shows that aren’t great with water?

Or your other shoes that are better for rain but uncomfortable to walk in?

What if there was an alternative that guaranteed waterproof shoes?

Vessi’s ads leverage Risk Aversion by highlighting how their shoes are waterproof. That means you can explore wherever and whenever with the security and comfort of knowing your feet will be dry.

But this doesn’t just apply to waterproof shoes…

🧠 How You Can Use Risk Aversion

The key to the Risk Aversion is to highlight the reliability of your product.

The goal is to make your prospect think:

“I want this product because then I don’t have to worry about [a specific concern/frustration]”

Ultimately, you’re giving them a sense of security and autonomy.

Two things we as humans crave.

For example:

  • Offer guarantees

  • Contrast your product against competitors

  • Highlight social proof through reviews and testimonials

  • Build awareness in one core benefit. For example:

    • Apple’s focus on privacy

    • Vessi’s focus on waterproof

    • Amazon’s focus on fast delivery

Here are some hooks using Risk Aversion:

  • “Worried about [frustration during specific use case of product]? [product] is guaranteed to [main benefit that helps with specific concern/frustration]. Here’s how:”

  • “Need the perfect [product category] for [specific use case]? Check this out:”

  • “Over [number of reviews] have used [product] for [specific use case]. Here’s why:”

So, how will you use Risk Aversion in your ads?

How will you reassure your customers?

Let me know how it goes!

Until next time,


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